Strength and conditioning gym located near the historic Marietta Square in Marietta, Georgia.
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Our training philosophy is simple – we place a premium on quality performance of basic movement skills taken from gymnastics, weightlifting, and running to develop a balance of strength and conditioning. We emphasize proper workout recovery and healthy nutrition to balance the intensity of our training.

Our coaches provide instruction and encouragement for our members in every class. This allows optimal performance transfer to the physical demands of everyday life and provides a solid foundation for any athletic sport.

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Wednesday 10/7/15

Wednesday 10/7/15

WLC Day 19: Read – The Importance of Sleep for Weightlifters and Other Athletes. This is what happens with a good night’s sleep. This is what is necessary for the adequate recovery of a non-athlete. But this may not be enough if you are serious athletes doing a high volume of training. You will need more sleep or else you will be going into training sessions in sleep debt. You might get away with this for one training session, but it cannot continue if you expect to make any progress. Warmup Dynamic Athletic Movement 10 Minutes: Movement FlowDowndog Walk, Frog Hop, Lateral Ape WalkReverse Downdog Walk, Reverse Frog Hop, Lateral Monkey Walk Try doing a few reps of one movement and then switching immediately into a different pattern seamlessly. Start slowly and as you practice increase the speed. Be mindful to use correct form as you play with flowing from one animal to the next. Try to keep moving for the entire 10 minutes. Skill 10 Minutes Pull-up/Crow + Somersault Practice L4 – 3-5 unbroken sets of 2/3/5 – 2 strict chest to bar/ 3 strict/ 5 kipping AND try pressing to Handstand from Crow/Tripod L3 – kipping technique practice – swing/drive/kip/return L2 – strict pull-up practice – sub-maximal sets/chin-ups/negatives/partial reps/scap-retractions L0/1 – same as L2, and ring rows ***between sets of Pull-ups, practice finding your balance in the Crow pose, and then overbalance toward your fingertips, tucking your chin and rolling through a somersault into a squat stance. It should go without saying that if you can’t get into the Crow pose yet, work on that rather than the somersault.... read more

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19sep - 13novsep 1912:00 amnov 13Whole Life Challenge(september 19) 12:00 am - (november 13) 1:00 am MVMNTEvent Type:Nutrition Challenge
17oct9:30 am- 10:30 amBring a Friend Day9:30 am - 10:30 am MVMNTEvent Type:Bring a Friend

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Come meet us and see the facility. We will talk about your current fitness level, experience, goals, and expectations. We will tailor a complimentary workout to you and let you experience what CFSQ is all about.

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