A Brief Induction about the Conference

International Audiology Conference, co-hosted by Beijing Association of Science and Technology and Beijing Hearing Society, will be convened from May 26th to 28th of 2017 in Beijing, China. This conference consists of professional academic forums and comprehensive exhibitions of this industry, aiming to build a platform for international communication in the realm of Audiology, drive the development and thrust of Chinese Audiology and promote the normalization and healthy development of listening industry. There will be people related to hearing widely participating in this conference from different areas of different countries, including audiologists, otologists, personnel of hearing and speech rehabilitation, students majoring in Audiology, engineering technical personnel, experts and manufacturers who develop and manufacture products related to Audiology, employees in hearing industry and public figures who care about the development of Audiology.


Basic Information about this Conference

Host Unit: Beijing Association of Science and Technology and Beijing Hearing Society

Time: May 26th to 28th of 2017

Place: At the main exhibition area on the first floor of Beijing Internal Conference Center, covering an area of 3000 square meters.

Features: Manufacturers who join in the exhibition include producers, technical service providers and educational and management organizations. In the exhibition room are special stands and standard stands. In addition, there are exhibition areas of academy, business management and public service, so as to comprehensively display the development situation in the realm of hearing and promote diversified communication and cooperation.



About Us

The year 2017 is just the 30th aniversary of KAM Hearing Technology Co., Ltd, which is an epoch-making year, which makes a connecting link between the preceding and the following. Hearing professional groups of this company will create a better future of the hearing rehabilitation cause together with all of us in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, with the spirit of carrying forward the undertakings of the predecessor and opening up a new road for future and reaching another higher peak.