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· A Hearing Instrument Fitting System with Binaural Platform
· Designed to test all hearing aids with speed, accuracy and reliabilityjs333金沙娱乐平台
· Types of signals:
· Real time speech-weighted,composite noise signal that contains 79 frequented simultaneously
· ICRA speech weighted signal
· ANSI speech weighted signal
· Bias tones to test action of fillers
· Pure Tones
· Special Features:
· Speechmap
· Real Speech
· Simultaneous Directonal REM Testand Directional HIT Test
· Dedicated Noise Reduction Test
· Feedback Suppression Test
· Frequency Lowering Test
· Speechmap for Telecoil Programming
· Sensory Loss Simulator
Software upgrades available

Fonix 8000 Hearing Aid Test System

• One minute Simultaneous measurement of up to 5 polar plots (default)
• Individual frequency polar plots of gain or SPL vs angular position
• Display up to 5 polar plots at one time
• Computer capture of measurement data
• Polar plot resolutions of 30, 15, or 5 degrees. (15 degree default)
• Signals- Pure tone or composite (default/ANSI weighting)
• Test Signal can be continuous or on only during angular measurement. (continuous default)
• Difference Curves: 0 degrees response minus response at chosen angle
• MACRO type program mode for set up of automatic test sequences
• Quick change of test aids with clutch system
• Internal chamber LED lamp to aid visibility
• Integrated Probe Recording System, Convenient Recording of 3rd Party Voices
• Lid lift spring assisted
• Lid Latch and clamp with one simple vertical operation.
• Computer control of polar functions
• Internal chamber LED lamp to aid visibility
• Clip in testing surface provided for "normal" testing.

Fonix FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer

Versatile, small size, lightweight
• Real time speech-weighted, composite noise signal
   thatcontains 79 frequencies presented simultaneously
• Pure-tones test signals
• Measurements can be made in insertion gain and in
   SPL in the real ear
• Harmonic Distortion analysis (1 ST, 2 ND total)
• Multi-curve option
• BTE and ITE coupler measurement (HA1, HA2)
• External noise reduction
• High speed, quiet and reliable thermal printer
• Liquid crystal display
• Software upgrades available